Mini Heat Sealing Machine

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2 in 1 Mini Heat Sealing Machine

Getting frustrated with the soggy leftover snacks? This mini heat sealer will help you store your leftover snacks, foods, fruits to avoid waste and keep foods freshness. You can easily sealing bags by rotating the knob indication point to the “+” position, and open bags by rotating the knob indication point to “-“ point.

Just make sure to preheat 5 seconds before using it!

Our chip bag sealer from monofilament fiber is upgraded to double heating wire, which adopts double heat sealing construction, and combined with principles of hot melt sealing, easy to seal bags. 0.13 inches(3.5 mm) sealing caliber which seals stronger without air leakage. 

This heat sealer for plastic bags uses a patented clutch switch, press on and rotate power off, to prevent misoperation. The sealing area adopt a small opening design, the heating wire is hidden inside the opening and uneasy to touch, anti-scald. Safety lock cannot be pressed once locked, prevent children from hurting.

The size of this mini heat sealing machine is 4.33×1.89×2.20 inches, weight only 120 gram, compact and portable. The magnetic stripe on the back of the handheld food sealer allows you to stick it to refrigerator and microwave oven, saving space. You also can put it into your backpack for camping, hiking, fishing or vacation,and use it to reseal those leftover snack bags or fruit bags when you left.


  • 2 in 1 Sealer – Rotate the knob to switch to sealer, cutter or lock mode.
  • Portable size – Weight only 120 gram(Battery Included), length only 11 cm.
  • Safe – Lock mode;
  • Automatically shut off when you release the knob;
  • Hidden heating coil prevents accidental scald.
  • Magnetic Back – Keep it handy on the refrigerator, microwave, cabinet or any iron rack. 

Use Step:

After putting in two alkaline batteries, twist the upper button of the machine, the negative sign is the opening knife, the positive is the sealing machine, press the heat and then gently slide!
Different bag thickness preheating press time, the general food bag before sealing pressure preheating 10 seconds, 9 mm bag of flour bag need to preheat the above 30 seconds.


Size: 13 x 5.9 x 5cm.
Power: 2 x AA Batteries (Not Include).

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