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DoinDeal brand ambassador

Are you an influencer? — A fan of our brand? — or just want to earn free products and discounts?

Then this is your chance to become a brand ambassador for DoinDeal!

How does it work? :

  1. simply follow the instructions below.
  2. if your submission is accepted, you will be provided a special affiliate discount code to share with your friends and followers.
  3. every time someone makes a purchase using your discount code, they get 15% off their order. And you receive a free product once you reach 5 successful purchases.

Your benefits :

  • delight your friends and followers with 15% off all their DoinDeal orders!
  • there’s no limit on the commission or number of free products you can earn.
  • you choose whether you want to receive free gifts (incl. Free shipping) or earn a commission of sales using your discount code.

Where can you promote your affiliate code? :

Share your discount code with your followers on social media, Instagram, youtube, snapchat, facebook, blogs, etc.

Write blog posts and reviews about DoinDeal products, or film youtube videos to boost your chances of earning rewards. Only your imagination sets the limit for how you promote our products.

It doesn’t matter where you share it, every time someone uses your discount code, you will be compensated.

Who can become a brand ambassador? :

Everyone! — it does not matter how many followers you have, or how popular your blog is. We are all influencers of the people in our network, and a heads-up from you mean more to your network than some youtube celebrity.

You have an influence, why not get compensated for recommending great products?

And should your blog or youtube channel suddenly gain wild popularity — then we will keep paying you commission no matter how much you earn!

Commissions depending on your Instagram followers :

  • 100-1000 followers -> gets 20% off discount
  • 1000-2500 followers -> gets 25% off discount
  • 2500-4000 followers -> gets 30% off discount
  • 4000-6500 followers -> gets 35% off discount
  • 6500-8000 followers -> gets 40% off discount
  • 8000-10k followers -> gets 50% off discount
  • 10k-15k followers -> gets 70% off discount
  • 15k-20k followers -> gets 90% off discount
  • 20k and more -> gets free products

Note :

  • For some types of products, Instagram must have more than 60% of women. Send us a screenshot of your insight on Instagram.
  • In order to work with us again you must bring 5 buyers using your special affiliate discount code that we will give you.
  • If you have been accepted you can visit to choose which product you want to promote or you can simply send us a picture of the product from our Pinterest Wall.
  • Once you receive your free product, you have to send us pictures of you using the product or write a review of the product on your blog. We will feature your pics or blog posts on our website and social media accounts.

Cool, so how do I apply?

To apply, shoot through an email to [email protected] telling us why you think you’d make a great addition to the DoinDeal family.

Our team will look through your Instagram and any other social media profiles you may have so we can see the type of social media presence you have and contact you to let you know what to do moving forward.



Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to [email protected]

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